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Learning Resources Sum Swamp

Learning Resources Sum Swamp game is an educational board game with an emphasis on developing math skills. The game is ideal for ages 5+ and is designed for 2-4 players. The game includes: a gameboard, 4 swamp creature game pieces, 2 number dice, and an operation die Children develop fluency in early math skills as they play the game Journey...
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Sony Aibo Robot Dog

Sony Aibo Robot Dog - Sony Electronics Inc. plans to offer a special First Litter Edition of its  aibo autonomous robotic "puppy" companion in the United States. aibo - artificial intelligence bot The First Litter Edition is a limited, all-in-one aibo bundle specifically made for the US launch. It includes the aibo companion robot, a three-year AI Cloud Plan, an assortment of aibo's toys,...
GamesMath & Coding

i Sea 10! Math Game

i Sea 10! Math Game is a family friendly game that is perfect for any child that enjoys math. The game requires players to take turns flipping over cards. The first person who can identify a combination of numbers that equals 10, yells out "I Sea 10!". The player must then explain the calculation of the numbers that combine to...

The Magic School Bus Young Scientist Club Engineering Lab

The Magic School Bus Young Scientist Club Engineering Lab is a great product for any child interested in engineering. This is a comprehensive engineering kit that is full of engineering components and experiments. This is a product of the Young Scientists Club whose mission is to to offer children quality, science-related products that will fascinate them with the wonders of scientific...
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Wonderology Hidden Treasure Mining Science Kit

Wonderology Hidden Treasure Mining Science Kit is a geology kit that allows you to chip, dig, and collect various gems. This products is recommended for children ages 8+. This geology kit will teach you fun facts about gems and crystals all while you discover your own by digging them up. This is a great item for any child interested in geology or...

Gravity Maze (by ThinkFun Inc)

Gravity Maze by ThinkFun Inc. is a a fun marble logic game that is fun for both children and adults. The game contains 60 challenges that vary in difficulty, ranging from Beginner to Expert. Gravity Maze will require you to use your visual perception and reasoning skills to solve each maze. The packaging includes: Game Grid 9 Building Towers Target...