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Top STEM and Smart Tech Toys for 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

The year 2020 has been one for the record books. The pandemic has caused disruption to all of our lives, including education disruptions and parenting challenges with the majority schools shifting to at home and online learning.  Toys advertised as teaching STEM could help to supplement your child's learning. The term "STEM" has become somewhat of a buzz word in...
Robotics & Circuitry

Smart Circuits (by SmartLab Toys)

Smart Circuits (by SmartLab Toys) is a great product for anyone interested in electronics and circuitry. Complete various electronic projects and create working games and gadgets. You can make a motion-sensing alarm, electronic drum kits, and much more! This product focuses on electrical engineering  and allows you to play with a multi-dimensional base board and real electronic components. The 48-page...

Discover with Dr. Cool Shark Tooth Dig Kit

Discover with Dr. Cool Shark Tooth Dig Kit is a great product for any child interested in sharks or paleontology. Buried inside the shark tooth-shaped digging brick are 3 shark teeth fossils from different species of shark.  Recommended age: 6-15 years. Focus: Paleontology Excavate real ancient shark teeth Each fossil is real. The teeth are from a Sand Tiger shark, a Crow...
The Magic School Bus The Secrets of Space front white back
Earth & SpaceToys

The Magic School Bus: The Secrets of Space

The Magic School Bus: The Secrets of Space is a hands-on educational kit all about space science. This product is recommended for ages 5 - 12 years. Spark your child's interest in space and encourage learning by making a night-vision flashlight, designing a solar system mobile, and much more. Space Science -  encompasses all of the scientific disciplines that involve...
GamesMath & Coding

i Sea 10! Math Game

i Sea 10! Math Game is a family friendly game that is perfect for any child that enjoys math. The game requires players to take turns flipping over cards. The first person who can identify a combination of numbers that equals 10, yells out "I Sea 10!". The player must then explain the calculation of the numbers that combine to...

Kids First Thames & Kosmos Automobile Engineer

Kids First Thames & Kosmos Automobile Engineer is a science kit that provides a fun and engaging way to teach simple engineering concepts to preschool-age kids. This is a great way to lay the groundwork for strong STEM related skills. Manufacturer Recommended Age: 36 months - 6 years Focus: fine motor skills, science and math skills, visual-spatial skills, and reasoning...