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Christmas Toys for 2018 – Holiday Gift Guide – STEM Toys

This year we all had to say goodbye to the international toy retailer and every kid's favorite store, Toys"R"Us. Commercials like the one below bring on pure nostalgia, especially during this holiday season. Before it's closing, Toys"R"Us incresed its STEM toy product lines and recognized that kids can have fun while developing important skills and learning about the world. STEM...
Board Game Code Master
GamesMath & Coding

Code Master Programming Logic Game

Code Master Programming Logic Game is a board game that teaches programming logic through fun gameplay. This single player game is designed as a series of puzzles that teaches core programming concepts. Recommended for ages 8+ Included in the package are the following: 10 maps with 60 levels to solve 12 guide scrolls 12 action tokens 8 conditional tokens Instruction...
GamesMath & Coding

Robot Turtles STEM Toy and Coding Board Game

Robot Turtle STEM Toy and Coding Board Game is designed to be fun but also teaches the fundamentals of programming. Robot Turtles is recommended for kids ages 4+. The game is designed for parents and children to have a fun play experience together. The game is fun but also teaches the fundamentals of programming. Gameplay provides a learning experience where players learn key...
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Back to School Shopping List for STEM Inspired Supplies, Clothes, & Gear

Back to school shopping season has returned. Do you want to send your kids back to school with the coolest STEM inspired gear? Below is a convenient list of items to help keep your child interested in STEM throughout the entire school year. Happy school shopping! 1. Aeromax Jr. Astronaut Backpack with NASA patches This Aeromax Jr. Astronaut Backpack available...

Thames & Kosmos Little Labs Animal Science

Thames & Kosmos Little Labs Animal Science is the perfect item for your young and inspiring zoologist. Learn about the animals in your backyard and parks by investigating their natural habitats and tracks. This kit teaches kids based on their every day observations. They'll learn about animals by investigating animal habitats, behavior, signs, and tracks. This product is recommended for children ages...

National Geographic Mega Fossil Mine

National Geographic mega fossil mine is a fun way to explore paleontology. This comprehensive kit includes 15 varieties of fossils that your child can unearth. This product includes a learning guide that is a great way to teach your child about how fossils are formed and how to identify each specimen. The fossils in this kit are real. Examples of...