Everything Machine

Everything Machine (by Tinybop, Inc.) is an app that allows users to make different types of machines, objects and instruments using a simple visual programming language.  The main components to use for your inventions include:

  • Power – the battery provides energy for  your machine
  • Inputs – add data for your machine to use (images, sound, video, etc.)
  • Controls –  let you control the power to your machine (button, timer, toggle or slider)
  • Detectors – can also control power to your machine (color detector, light detector, motion detector, etc.)
  • Modifiers – change images, sound or video.
  • Routers – send and receive data (transmitter, receiver, etc.)
  • Logic Gates – similar to controls, they follow a set of rules
  • Outputs – the output of your data. Allows the user to experience the data coming out of the machine that was created (lightbulb, flashlight, speaker, etc.)

The app allows users to use the simple visual programming language to create very unique machines. Users can really use their imagination and create very interesting machines with the tools provided.

It is very simple to create a machine. To create a music maker, all you need to do is (1) Connect the battery to toggles (2) connect the toggles to various sounds (3) connect the sounds to a speaker output. You can now toggle on and off different sounds to create music.

This app is supplemented with a free downloadable handbook. The handbook provides a guide to the various components required to create your machine. The handbook also provides examples of machines that you can create (Light switch, picture swirler, wind thrower, cookie thief catcher)

Create anything you can imagine

The creative possibilities available through this app should allow for hours of inventing and learning. The simple visual programming language will challenge kids to use critical thinking skills and trial and error as they create their machines. We are impressed with the visuals, sounds, and fluidity of this app.

The free downloadable handbook can be downloaded for free at the following link: Everything Machine Handbook

Overall this is a great interactive app that is a creative playground. Your kids will be introduced to visual programming, have their creativity inspired and of course have fun! The app is available on iOS devices and can be found in the iOS App Store.

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