Gravity Maze (by ThinkFun Inc)

Gravity Maze by ThinkFun Inc. is a a fun marble logic game that is fun for both children and adults. The game contains 60 challenges that vary in difficulty, ranging from Beginner to Expert. Gravity Maze will require you to use your visual perception and reasoning skills to solve each maze. The packaging includes:

  • Game Grid
  • 9 Building Towers
  • Target Tower
  • 3 Marbles
  • 60 Challenge Cards (Beginner to Expert) with Solutions
  • Instructions

Object: For each challenge, use the towers listed next to “Add To Grid” on the challenge card to complete the maze. To complete the maze, you must arrange the building towers in the correct order so that the maze will carry the marble from the start position to the target tower.

logic, visual perception, and reasoning skills

Step1: Select a challenge and set up the towers on the game grid to match.

Step 2: Determine where to add the indicated towers to the grid.

Step 3: Position the towers so that the marble falls from the Start Position to the Target Tower

The game includes an easy to read instruction manual.  Try a “Beginner” level challenge card in order to get a basic understanding of the game. We recommend Gravity Maze for anyone who enjoys logic based puzzles or board games.

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