Guardian Kids Bikes

Guardian Bikes is a company that you may have seen on Shark Tank.  The major difference between Guardian’s bikes and other bikes is their innovative SureStop braking system. SureStop is a brake system for bicycles that prevents common head-over-handlebar accidents.

SureStop Brake System

Safer, Smarter, Simpler

  • One brake lever controls both wheels, allowing kids to stop 44% faster with ease and confidence.
  • SureStop intelligently distributes braking to both wheels preventing head-over-handlebar accidents.

The SureStop brake technology was inspired by the company’s founder’s grandfather, who broke his neck after over-applying the front brake in a panic stop and flipping over the handlebars. The SureStop brake system is designed to distribute the right amount of braking power to both wheels allowing you to stop faster while preventing head-over-handlebar accidents and front wheel skidding. The SureStop system allows riders to stop faster and with more control as compared to traditional braking systems found on bikes.

 Guardian Kids Bike Original:

  • Safe patented SureStop system: prevents head-over-handlebar accidents and allow kids to stop faster with the award winning brake-system.
  • Kids bike 24 inch: boys and girls bikes for heights 4’2” – 5’1” (approx. ages 8-13). 
  • Lightweight kids bike: youth bikes at only 23.5 lbs. means easier handling for better control and safety
  • Includes: 7-speeds, kid specific easy reach lever, kickstand, double wall rims, no training wheels needed (learn more at Guardian Bikes website)
  • 95% assembled: this kids bicycle ships 95% assembled with all the tools you need (15 min setup)

Guardian Kids Bike Ethos:

  • Safe: Every Guardian Bike comes equipped with Sure Stop Technology. One brake lever easily controls both wheels, allowing kids to stop 44% faster and prevents head-over-handlebar accidents.
  • 16 inch bike: boys bikes and girls bikes for heights 40” – 46” (approx. ages 4-6). 
  • Better Control: Guardian Bike’s light weight steel design puts more control and stability for your child as they ride, and a kick stand for when they’re not.
  • Easy Assembly: Out of the box and riding in less than 10 minutes. All tools included in box.
  • The low cross bar makes Guardian bikes easy to get on, and a lot safer if your kid comes off their seat in a hurry.

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