Mechanics – levers, linkages, and structures

Mechanics – levers, linkages, and structures (by is a building kit that allows children to build simple or complex models using various components. This engineering based toy allows kids to learn how levers are used to increase force for lifting heavy object. Kids will be able to create models connecting many levers together.

This kit allows you to build 16 different working models. Examples of working models include:

  • a wheelbarrow
  • a lever crane
  • a cube
  • a folding platform
  • a double deck bridge
  • an extendable arm
  • a parallel scale
  • a seesaw
  • a moveable weight scale
  • a parking gate
  • a pantograph
  • a toy with moving figures

The Mechanics – levers, linkages & structures kit is recommended for ages 8-16+. Also, included is an activity book that provides the instructions, the history of these tools, definitions, quizzes, and experiments. 3D interactive instructions are also available at the following link: 3D interactive instructions

This is a great kit for anyone interested in engineering. There are numerous models to build with the provided parts and the activity book provides additional information to reinforce learning. We were pleased with this item (the 1st toy of our 8-13 ages group). The Mechanics – levers, linkages & structures kit can be purchased at the following link:


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