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Qurious Space | STEM flash card game

Qurious Space – STEM flash card game is a fun product to test your knowledge of space and the cosmos. This family friendly space based trivia game will appeal to anyone with an interest in the galaxy and beyond. Recommended age: All ages Focus: Space Science/Trivia

Ready to explore the galaxy and beyond?

The gravity on Mars is approximately one-third that on Earth

This game will provide hours of family fun. Play with up to 18 others. Develop social skills, spatial reasoning, memory, STEM interest and analytical logic. This is the perfect gift for space fans.

 Game Includes:

  • Space speed matching game
  • Challenge memory game
  • Explorer matching pairs game
  • Photo trivia game
  • 4 space stickers

A Venus day is approximately 243 Earth days long

Learn about NASA, Black Holes, the Solar System, the Milky Way galaxy, and so much more.

This card game is suitable for players of all ages helps individuals to develop their memory skills to find matching symbols, learn trivia and facts about 72 different aspects of our universe. This interactive and educational card game is for the entire family. Appropriate for all levels of skill and all ages. The game provides hours of fun while teaching players about outer space and the universe.




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