OWI Kingii Dragon Robot Science Kit

Age: 10+ Focus: Robotics -assemble a smart super lizard with artificial intelligence (AI). READ MORE


Age: 8+ Focus: Robotics – this interactive robot is capable of streaming audio and video to your phone or tablet. READ MORE


Age: 8+ Focus: Robotics – entry level STEM toy requires no tools for assembly.READ MORE


Age: 8+ Focus: Circuitry – complete various electronic projects and create working games and gadgets. You can make a motion-sensing alarm, electronic drum kits, and much more. READ MORE

Robotics – technology dealing with the design, construction and operation of robots.

Circuitry – the science of designing electric or electronic circuits. Examples of robotics & circuitry toys include: drones, robots, circuity board building blocks, electronics project kits, etc.

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