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Switch Pitch 4 Inch Color-Flipping Ball

Switch Pitch 4 inch color-flipping balls are fun toys for kids and adults. The Swtch Pitch is brought to you by Hoberman Designs, well known for the Original Sphere toy classic. The transforming Switch Pitch ball changes colors when you toss it (almost magically). The toy is available in various color combinations such as: Blue/Green, Orange/Green, Blue/Yellow, Blue/Pink, etc. BUY THEM HERE


The uniquely designed toy is fun to toss around. Everyone finds it fascinating. Toss it in the air to see the colors magically flip. This handheld, magical color-flipping product is a great portable toy. It can also be used to explain the basic principles of physics (Motion, Forces, Gravity, etc.).

The name Hoberman may sound familiar. Chuck Hoberman is internationally known for his transformable structures and combinations of  art, architecture and engineering. Through his products and structures, Hoberman has demonstrated how objects can be foldable, retractable, or shape-shifting.

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