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The Weather

The Weather (by Tinybop, Inc.) is an interactive app that lets you experiment and play with the weather. The app allows users to explore an open environment and switch between scenes related to the sun, air and water. You can tap and interact with different elements in each scene.

This app is supplemented with a free downloadable handbook. The handbook provides instructions and an introduction to weather terms such as:

  • Temperature – measurement of warmth or coldness
  • Atmosphere – layer of air around a planet
  • Barometer – tool used to measure air pressure
  • Wind Vane – instrument to measure wind direction
  • Water Cycle – process of water moving from Earth’s surface, into the air and back down to the surface.
  • Evaporation – process where water turns into a gas
  • Humidity – measure of water in air at a given time
  • Hydrometer – instrument used to measure humidity

The attention-grabbing and vibrant graphics make it a joy learning about weather. This is a great app to introduce to your children if they are interested in meteorology.

Meteorology – Science that deals with the atmosphere, weather and weather forecasting

The free downloadable handbook is a key educational aspect of this product as it provides discussion questions to ask your kids. The Weather  handbook can be downloaded at the following link: The Weather Handbook

Examples of discussion questions provided include:
    • How might you tell if it’s warm outside without checking the temperature? (Sun & Temperature)
    • What creates wind? (Air & Wind)
    • What do you think happens to a cloud after it has produced lots of rain or snow? (Water & Precipitation)
    • If you could touch a cloud, what would it feel like? (Clouds)
    • What signs would you look for to predict a storm? (Storms)

Kids will enjoy exploring the weather elements and parents can prompt meaningful and educational conversations using the handbook as a guide. The questions will help to increase their understanding of the different factors that influence weather.

Overall this is a great interactive app with animations and graphics that make learning about the weather a very enjoyable experience. This app would definitely peak the interest of anyone interested in meteorology. The app is available on iOS devices and can be found in the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

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