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STEM Clubs

Amazon offers a monthly STEM club toy subcription. It is a monthly program that delivers Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math toys. Each month Amazon sends an age-appropriate STEM toy that encourages your child to learn through play.


We are signed up for each age category of Amazon’s STEM club toy subscription. We will update this post with reviews of the STEM toys that are received each month.

The STEM club subscription is categorized into three age groups:

  • 3-4 years of age
  • 5-7 years of age
  • 8-13 years of age

The STEM club toys vary each month and include a range of concepts and topics such as chemistry kits, robots, and math learning tools. The toys ship for free and you can cancel your subscription at anytime.

The STEM club toy subscription costs can be found here

January 2018

Mechanics – levers, linkages & structures 

(Age: 8-13 years) (Focus: Engineering)

This month we received Mechanics – levers, linkages, and structures (by Ltd). This engineering based toy allows kids to learn how levers are used to increase force for lifting heavy object. Kids will be able to create models connecting many levers together. This kit allows you to build 16 different working models. Examples of working models include:

  • a wheelbarrow
  • a lever crane
  • a cube
  • a folding platform
  • a double deck bridge
  • an extendable arm
  • a parallel scale
  • a seesaw
  • a moveable weight scale
  • a parking gate
  • a pantograph
  • a toy with moving figures

The Mechanics – levers, linkages & structures kit is recommended for ages 8-16+. Also, included is an activity book that provides the instructions, the history of these tools, definitions, quizzes, and experiments. 3D interactive instructions are also available at the following link: 3D interactive instructions

This is a great kit for anyone interested in engineering. There are numerous models to build with the provided parts and the activity book provides additional information to reinforce learning. We were pleased with this item (the 1st toy of our 8-13 ages group). The Mechanics – levers, linkages & structures kit can be purchased at the following link:

February 2018

Smart Circuits (SmartLab Toys)

(Age: 8-13 years) (Focus: Circuitry)

Smart Circuits (by SmartLab Toys) is a great product for anyone interested in electronics and circuitry. Complete various electronic projects and create working games and gadgets. You can make a motion-sensing alarm, electronic drum kits, and much more.

This product focuses on electrical engineering  and allows you to play with a multi-dimensional base board and real electronic components. The 48-page lab book includes step-by-step instructions for building 50 sophisticated circuit builds that teaches kids about electronics, light, and sound.

Recommended age: 8 years and up

Smart Circuits comes with instructions for creating 50 games and gadget circuit projects with light, sound, and sensor modules. The illustrated manual explores circuitry and the principles behind each project. Children will be able to learn about electric currents, resistors, conductors, computer programs, light waves, and more.

The box includes:

  • base boards,
  • battery module,
  • variable resistor module,
  • microprocessor module,
  • tricolor LED module,
  • speaker module,
  • photodiode module,
  • tilt switch module 6-LED array module,
  • 2 push button modules,
  • 31 jumper wires and
  • a 48-page book

Product STEM Focus: Electrical Engineering

Smart Circuits will allow you to learn about electrical engineering using the modular system and microprocessor. The manufacturer recommended age is 8 years and up. This is a great product for any child interested in electronics, circuitry, and electrical engineering.

March 2018

Gravity Maze (by ThinkFun Inc.)

(Age: 8-13 years) (Focus: physics, reasoning, logic, and visual perception)

Gravity Maze by ThinkFun Inc. is a a fun marble logic game that is fun for both children and adults. The game contains 60 challenges that vary in difficulty, ranging from Beginner to Expert. Gravity Maze will require you to use your visual perception and reasoning skills to solve each maze.

The packaging includes:

  • Game Grid
  • 9 Building Towers
  • Target Tower
  • 3 Marbles
  • 60 Challenge Cards (Beginner to Expert) with Solutions
  • Instructions

Object: For each challenge, use the towers listed next to “Add To Grid” on the challenge card to complete the maze. To complete the maze, you must arrange the building towers in the correct order so that the maze will carry the marble from the start position to the target tower.

logic, visual perception, and reasoning skills


Step1: Select a challenge and set up the towers on the game grid to match.

Step 2: Determine where to add the indicated towers to the grid.

Step 3: Position the towers so that the marble falls from the Start Position to the Target Tower

The game includes an easy to read instruction manual.  Try a “Beginner” level challenge card in order to get a basic understanding of the game. We recommend Gravity Maze for anyone who enjoys logic based puzzles or board games.

April 2018

National Geographic Mega Fossil Mine

(Age: 8-13 years) (Focus: Paleontology)

National Geographic mega fossil mine is a fun way to explore paleontology. This comprehensive kit includes 15 varieties of fossils that your child can unearth. This product includes a learning guide that is a great way to teach your child about how fossils are formed and how to identify each specimen. The fossils in this kit are real. Examples of fossils included:

  • Ammonite
  • Dinosaur Bone
  • Sting Ray
  • Crow Shark
  • Mosasaur Tooth
  • Orthoceras
  • Bi-Valves
  • Clams
  • Coral
  • Gastropods
  • Coprolite

paleontology – science dealing with the life of past geological periods as known from fossil remains

The packaging includes:

  • 15 real fossils
  • a 16-page learning guide
  • a dig brick packed with fossils
  • a chisel
  • a brush
  • a magnifying glass

fossil – the remains or impression of a prehistoric plant or animal embedded in rock and preserved in petrified form

Uncover ancient fossils and get ready for a hands-on science adventure. Learn paleontology while digging up genuine fossils with this science kit. The manufacturer recommended age is 6 – 15 years. Use the included tools to excavate fossils just like a real paleontologist.

May 2018

Thames & Kosmos Physics Workshop

(Age: 8-13 years) (Focus: Physics)

Thames & Kosmos Physics Workshop is an essential science kit focused on physics. This physics kit is designed for children ages 8+.  Experiment with simple machiness, gears, levers, screws, inclined planes, pulleys, wheels and axles. Learn and understand fundamental physics equations and read about real-world applications for physics. This kit allows you to build various models such as: a windmill, two-speed crane, force scale, sail car, mars robot, hammer machine, centrifuge, pinball game, centrifugal switch, ship’s lantern.


Physics is an essential science for everyone. This kit allows you to build models and conducting  experiments that will teach you the fundamental laws of mechanical physics

his kit provides a comprehensive explanation of mechanical physics. Through building 36 models and conducting subsequent experiments with the models, you will learn the fundamental laws of mechanical physics.

Build small models to learn about basic forces and simple machines. Build complex machines to learn about advanced concepts.  This kit provides a hands-on approach that is fun and effective.

This kit includes more than 300 building pieces. Also included is a 104-page manual that provides assembly instructions, experiments and explanations. This is a great item for any child interested in physics. Recommended for ages 8 and up.

“Physics” is taken from Greek saying “knowledge of nature”. It is one of the oldest fields of science

This kit includes more than 300 building pieces. Also included is a 104-page manual that provides assembly instructions, experiments and explanations. This is a great item for any child interested in physics. Recommended for ages 8 and up.

June 2018

Thames & Kosmos Optical Science

(Age: 8-13 years) (Focus: Physics)

Thames & Kosmos Optical Science is a kit that allows you to explore human perception and the physics of light. Experiment with light and the color spectrum by building various objects such as a color wheel, a fiber optic peacock, and diffraction glasses. Recommend for ages 8 and up.

The Thames & Kosmos Optical Science kit allows you to do the following:

  • Learn the similarities and differences between the eye and a camera.
  • Build a camera obscura and pinhole glasses.
  • Investigate lenses and light refraction.
  • Experiment with spatial vision and depth perception
  • View optical illusions involving shapes, color, depth, and scale.
  • Make a curved line look straight.
  • Turn cardboard transparent.
  • Learn how your eye and brain work together to perceive color, light, depth, perspective, size, shape, and motion.

The energy of light is measured in waves on the electromagnetic spectrum

The kit includes a 48-page manual to guide you through conducting over 35 experiments.  This is a great item for any child interested in physics. Recommended for ages 8 and up.

STEM Club is a program that delivers handpicked Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math toys to your door at a great price. Every one, two, or three months, depending on the option you select, Amazon STEM toy experts send a box containing a high-quality, age-appropriate STEM toy that encourages your child to learn through play. A STEM Toy Subscription costs $19.99/box with free shipping. Cancel at anytime by visiting “Your Memberships & Subscriptions”.


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