Age: 8+ Focus: Game designing, storytelling, programming – a video game creation platform. Create game rooms, characters and game art using the included gameboard. READ MORE


Robot Turtles

Age: 4+ Focus: Coding – provides a learning experience where players learn key programming principles in a fun, easy to learn way. Teaches kids to write programs with playing cards. Designed for parents and children to have a fun play experience.  READ MORE


Code Master

Age: 4+ Focus: Coding – a board game that teaches programming logic through fun gameplay. This single player game is designed as a series of puzzles that teaches core programming concepts. READ MORE


i Sea 10! Math Game

Age: 6+ Focus: Math – a family friendly game that will provide hours of fun for everyone. The game requires players to take turns flipping over cards. The first person who can identify a combination of numbers that equals 10, yells out “I Sea 10!” READ MORE


Match It! Mathematics Memory

Age: 3+ Focus: Math – a fun memory game that will challenge problem solving and develop memory skills. The object of the game is to find a pair of matching cards that complete the equation. Gain early math skills, boost memory skills, improve focus, encourage confidence. READ MORE



Math – study of numbers, equations, functions, geometric shapes and their relationships.

Coding – computer programming (designing, writing, testing debugging / troubleshooting, and maintaining the source code of computer programs). Examples of math & coding toys include: video game creation platforms, toy cash register, computer kits, etc.

Brain Game Toys