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Bloxels is a video game creation platform. Users can create characters, game rooms and game art. Included is a gameboard and multi-colored blocks that are used to create various elements of your video game. The color blocks are placed on the board and can be digitized through the camera on your smart phone / tablet using the free Bloxels Builder App.

Each color block represents a different element within your video game.

  • Green – Terrain
  • Orange – Exploding blocks
  • Red – Hazards
  • Blue – Water
  • Pink – Power ups
  • Purple – Enemies
  • Yellow – Coins
  • White – Story points / Finish line

It is really simple to get started. You’ll need the Bloxels gameboard, color blocks, a smart phone or tablet and the Bloxels Builder app which is availble in the iOS App Store, Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store. You can download the free Bloxels Builder app at the following links: iOS App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon App Store.

To get started, launch the Game Builder within the Bloxels Builder app. You will be prompted to activate your gameboard. If you have a Bloxels gameboard, select Yes. If you do not have a Bloxels gameboard, select no (you don’t need a gameboard to actually use the app but the game board is needed for features such as Brain Board, which allows you to dictate how the enemies in your game behave.)

When capturing your gameboard via your smart device’s camera, make sure there is enough lighting. It may take a few tries capturing your gameboard if there isn’t enough light to take a properly exposed picture (No fault of the app, just basic photography principles).

Photograph your gameboard in a well-lit area

Your kids will not need to have any experience with any type of coding language, all they will need is an imagination. Bloxels is an excellent STEM product that is often used as an educational tool in schools and after school programs.

The app allows you to create animations, backgrounds, characters, and boards. This is an innovative product that allows kids to learn the basics of character design, animation and game development. This product can be used in a variety of ways to help develop critical thinking skills and allow kids to express their creativity. The next time you ask your kids “What are you playing?”, maybe they will respond “Oh, just playing a video game that I created!” We definitely recommend Bloxels. Your kids will really enjoy this product, as you can see below:


 Watch the fun below





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