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The Earth (by Tinybop) is an interactive model that lets users explore, study and observe the changing planet. The Earth is part of Tinybop’s Explorer Library (an educational series designed to teach kids ages 4+ science literacy.

Support your kids’ learning with supplemental handbooks.

The app’s design encourages open play and discovery. The supplemental handbook provides detailed information of the geological environments available in the app. The handbook also provides instruction on how to use the interactive app.

Explore the Earth’s layers.

On the home screen, users can swipe left and right to scroll through the different eons. Users can discover the characteristics of the planet during:

  • the Hadean eon (occurred 4.6 billion to 4 billion years ago. During this time, the solar system was forming within a cloud of dust and gas known as the solar nebula, which eventually spawned asteroids, comets, moons and planets)
  • the Archean eon (occurred between 4 billion and 2.5 billion years ago, the continental shield rock began to form. Earth had acquired enough mass to hold an atmosphere composed of methane, ammonia and other gases)
  • the Proterozoic eon (occurred about 2.5 billion years ago, enough shield rock had formed to start recognizable geologic processes such as plate tectonics. It is generally accepted that different types of prokaryotic organisms formed symbiotic relationships. As time went on the symbiotic relationship became permanent)
  • the Phanerzoic eon (extending about 541 million years from the end of the Proterozoic eon to the present. (Source:

Eons are the longest portions of geologic time

The app is very well designed and has captivating images, sounds and graphics. Users will be educated and entertained as they explore the planet earth and interact with volcanos, mountains, earthquakes, etc.

The Earth handbook is available here:

Examples of discussion questions provided include:
  • Has the Earth’s surface always looked the same? (Geological Time)
  • What cause volcanoes and earthquakes? (Plate Tectonics)
  • How does wind shape the desert? (Weathering, Erosion & Deposition)
  • What are some things you can do to help the Earth’s oceans? (Love the Earth)

The app allows a wide range of interaction with the planet Earth’s surfaces and allows you to see how various factors and forces change the planet’s environment over time.

The Earth (by Tinybop) is availabe in the iOS app store and on the Google Playstore

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